How To Prevent Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis or TB is a respiratory disease that affects the lungs. It is easily transmitted through air, coughs, dust or getting in contact with a person who is infected. Although there are usually a few cases of TB fatality, if not treated on time, death can occur. TB is treatable, and it is advisable that preventive measures be carried to avoid infections especially if an individual has tested positive for latent TB. Some of the measures you can take to avoid getting TB infection are explained below.

Measures to prevent tuberculosis

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This is among the most common infection causes. One should always
avoid getting in contact with patients suffering or diagnosed with tuberculosis. Individuals that have tested positive for latent TB should also keep out of reach as TB is highly contagious. One is advisable to stay away from infected persons especially if they are under two weeks of medication, if the need to get in contact or closer to a patient arises, one should wear protective gears like gloves and masks.

Healthy lifestyle

People who are malnourished or unhealthy are more prone to contact the tuberculosis virus as their immune system is weak. It is therefore recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle by ensuring that they include vegetables, whole grain, and lean meat in their diet. This contains essential vitamins that help boosts the immune system. You should also avoid sugary and fatty foods. Cut down on consumption of alcohol and incorporate exercise in your schedule, particularly cardiovascular exercises such a swimming and running.

Know your immune system

dfsgszsrewq4q23esfCertain people have suppressed immune systems, meaning they are prone to contracting TB more than others. It is important to know yourself and always take preventive measures. Those with HIV and AIDS are mostly advised to take more precaution as their immune system is quite weak. If one is put take to take care of a patients with TB, he should be able to know how his immune strength is, to prevent infection. If your immune system is weak, avoid crowded areas as you can never be so certain about the health of a person next to you.

Get vaccinated

Vaccinations have significantly helped to suppress the spread of TB, especially in places that are usually hit hard. Bacille Calmette-Guerin is a vaccine used around the world and has helped especially among children, where the infection rate is relatively high. It is also recommended for health workers and those that intend to travel to places where infection rate of people with TB is high to take a jab.

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