Eating Disorder

Eating disorder is a condition where an individual is unable to control or regulate their eating pattern. This type of disorder may adversely affect body weight and shape. Eating disorder may involve eating small or excess portions of food. This behavior may cause complications and health problems to a person. Some of these eating disorders are bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and binge eating, which affects all genders. Eating disorder may develop early in life, but may show up later in life. If not taken care of on time it can be life threatening. some causes of eating disorder are highlighted below.

Causes of eating disorder

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People who are affected with eating disorders, tend to be perfectionists and in most cases, they will try to do things the best way they know. Despite all good traits and achievements, they can never be contented, and they will always feel inadequate or worthless. They always see things in two ways, either good or bad. These people will always look strong on the outside but deep within they are weak and depressed. People with eating disorders do not know how to express themselves or channel their anger.

Social factors

A lot of people will develop eating disorder especially if they fall for peer pressure. It is also noticed that people with relationship problems usually get affected by this eating disorders. Cultural pressure has encouraged this kind of disorder as people glorify certain types of body either thinness or well built. This has made it hard because cultural norms, judges people by their physical looks, encouraging eating disorders when people, try as much as possible to fit in or achieve a desired kind of body

Family factor

fgfdrseeurdgxsrhtdgfPeople who are affected by eating disorder, tend to get more comfortable and free in a family that does not give too much attention to what they eat. Some parents will try to convince their kids to achieve a certain body weight or size, eventually making kids develop eating disorders. History has it that if a mother had eating disorders way back when she was young, the daughter would most likely take after her. Also when parents try to discourage eating certain foods like junk in a bad way, children might go straight to that resulting to eating disorder.

Generic factors

It has been observed that eating disorders are linked to genetic factors. The genetics do not come as a result of inheritance, but much earlier bonding and interaction of genes. A lot of time has been put to study and try to understand the causes of this eating disorder biologically, but it is still quite unclear.