Types And Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem that tends to affect a lot of people at some point in life. It usually affects people of old age but quite common as well among the young people. It can come as a result of a bad posture of sitting, standing, or sleeping, and injuries incurred through accidents or sport related activities. Most of these back pains are not serious or life threatening problems but small problems that can be treated at home through correct postures or by visiting a specialized doctor for advice and early treatment.

Common causes of backaches

Bulging disksdfgfcxffdfgcxdjfgcbv

The human spine is made up of several disks that act as shock absorbers. The cushion found between the vertebrae can at times bulge or tear and interfere with the nervous system, it is how common for an individual to experience such tear and bulging without back pain or. It is quite uncommon to notice or detect disk problems and are usually noticed by accident when carrying out spine x-rays.

Skeletal irregularities

This occurs when the spine takes on a wrong curve. It can cause discomfort to an individual if the case is severe. Medically is referred to as scoliosis a condition in which the bones in the spine curves to the side, It is common among individuals who adapt poor sitting position or long truck drivers who spend a lot of time on the roads, as a result damaging their back over time without them noticing


This refers to a condition where the discs in the spine slips and fall out-of-place usually towards the lower back. The ligaments that are supposed to support and hold the spine in place weakens and the joints become fragile a condition referred to as arthritis. This affects the positioning of the disc causing it to move over a vertebrae.it may result to severe pain back or immobility if not treated on time.


Inflammation of the sacroiliac joint

This joint fuse the pelvis and the spine together. It does not perform a lot of work and most of the time, it does not move but supports the weight of the upper body towards the lower body. The joint cartilage can wear and tear as a result of an injury, mostly among women during pregnancy. This happens when the upper body weight overloads the joint between the pelvis and spine.


This can happen when the spine and the discs get fractures as a result of an accident either by falling or car accidents. Fractures caused through accidents can be life threatening, and most people are usually bed-ridden with a lot of pain. Painkillers and physiotherapy can be used to relieve the pain and discomfort that comes with the pain.…