How To Avoid Health Issues Related To The Vagina

Women having health issues related to the vagina, in general, have low self-esteem. This causes discomfort and restlessness because of irritation of the vagina. Therefore, prevention of these health issues is important. Prevention does not only guarantee confidence in your daily activities but also ensures overall body health.

Here are some ways to avoid health issues related to the vagina.

Have Protected Sex

Having unprotected sex especially with a new partner is a sure way of getting a sexually transmitted infection. Use condoms every time you have sex to be sure to keep sexually transmitted infections at bay. After sex, it is good to pee and wash.

Vaginal Hygiene

Use warm water to wash the vulva. Douching causes vaginal irritation and should only be done when prescribed by your doctor. The vagina cleans itself naturally by producing vaginal discharges. Douching products only serve to upset the natural balance of organisms in the vagina leading to vaginal irritation.


Wear Cotton Underwear

Cotton absorbs well the vaginal secretions, unlike other materials. Cotton is also soft and not irritable to the skin. Other materials like nylon trap heat and moisture making it an ideal breeding place for organisms. Thongs should be avoided. Wash new underwear with soap before wearing. After washing, underwear ensures that you rinse it. You can also go commando to air things out.

Use Tampons Or Menstrual Cups

Use nondeodorant tampons or menstrual cups during your periods to control menstrual blood. Tampons and menstrual cups are considered a better option to sanitary towels which are known for causing skin irritation. Use of only white tissue is a sure way to avoid health issues related to the vagina.

Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle And Good Habits

  • hdhd874It is good to wipe from front to back after finishing using the toilet. This practice ensures that there is no spread of unwanted organisms like Candida albicans from the anus to the vagina.
  • Change wet clothes immediately especially after swimming or working out. This ensures that you avoid yeast infections.
  • When shaving the vaginal area, be careful not to cut yourself. If you shave using a shaving cream, ensure the cream does not get in the vagina.
  • It is also important to eat well and exercise. Yogurt has the same kind of bacteria present in your vagina. Making yogurt part of your daily diet ensures that the organisms in the vagina are replenished.
  • Use of lubricants and spermicides is known to cause vaginal irritation. Use of these products is discouraged for a healthy vagina. Other products that can cause vaginal irritation and should be avoided include heavily scented soaps, shampoos, hair removal creams and sprays.